Wednesday, April 29, 2009

PLEASE HELP....NEW SEARCH: The Best Hot Wings in Maryland??

So, I don't know if I should share my secret of where to get Burrata, but seeing as I just told you how amazing it is, I guess you should have the opportunity to try it too. Erin at Tastings Gourmet Market in Annapolis informed me that they have been carrying burrata cheese. The best thing about this is that Erin is soooo amazing that she took my number and is going to call me when it comes in so I can not only have another taste of this amazing fromage but I can also get it fresh!!

Now that I have located the whereabouts of Burrata, I am now on the search for the very best HOT wings in the Baltimore, Annapolis, DC area. Preferably I want a place in Annapolis, but anything amazing is also worth my attention. PLEASE, PLEASE help me. I personally like Hooters Breaded wings because they are usually moist, and they have a nice crispy crust. However, the most important thing is that the meat be moist and the sauce have the right balance of spice.

On a side note, today my mother and I found a tasty new Viet-Thai restaurant in the area. The place is located in a small, but new and clean looking strip mall.

Paradise Viet-Thai
2625 Riva Road
Annapolis, MD 21401

Apparently the place has been open since late 2005, but I guess I just never really travel down Riva Road.
Anyway, it was really nice and the staff was also amiable.

We went for lunch so we didn't order a lot. My mother and I shared a crispy spring roll and pad thai for our meal. We each had a Thai Iced Tea, and then shared an order of Mango Sticky Rice.

The spring rolls came 2 per order and had a tasty combo of pork and shrimp. The best part was that they were in NO WAY greasy. I normally hate spring rolls because they are almost always greasy, but these were great and made me excited for the rest of the meal.

Pad thai was also great. I was hoping for a light dish, and this was perfect. There was shallot in it which I assume is not very traditional, but it was light in flavor because it had been cooked. The noodles were cooked well, and the lunch portion was plenty of food for a light meal.

Then my mom preceded to lick the plate for the mango sticky rice. And then she asked for another one.

Seeing as my mom just returned from Thailand a week ago, I'm going to say her opinion counts for a lot even if you don't trust mine yet. So go check this place out.

It may not have been as authentic as Bangkok Oriental in Pasadena, but it sure was yummy and more convenient.

Let me know what you think!


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