Monday, April 20, 2009

Something Worth Blogging About

I love Foie Gras. If you have a problem with that, please do not refrain from removing my blog from your check list immediately.

Because I love it, I would like to bring you the latest news in the PETA-fur-hater-esq (i.e. throwing red paint on fur coats) vandalism of restaurants who serve this delectable, decadent, delight:

According to the Washington Post the Iron Bridge Wine Company in Columbia, MD has been the victim of AFV(anti-foie vandalism) not once but twice!

Honestly, I'm a HUGE fan of the place. I mean, its pretty decent, but portions are a little scrimp in comparison to prices, and with so much to choose from within 25min of this place, it just wasn't a first choice. However, the fact that owner Steve Wecker is standing up to these people by going as far as instituting a Foie Day, which encourages customers to order the buttery treat, makes me 100 times more willing to go there and eat their foie.

In case you haven't heard, there has been a recent rash of vandalism against the people who are so kind as to bring us foie gras, and their restaurants. This has happened all over the country. Thousands of dollars in damage have occured.

Personally, assaulting people to prove your point, and vandalizing property is not going to get anyone what they want. I also think no one has a right to tell anyone else what to eat. Which is probably why this particular news bit makes me so inflamed.

When it comes down to it, this is just an excuse for me to explain one thing...

PETA is a terrible role model people. Grow up and get a law degree.

And next time you think that maybe People (shouldnt) Eat Tasty Animals, and that PETA has a noble goal, check this out (unverified).

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