Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yakitori YUM, and decisions

So tonight I was searching for something cheap, quick, and close for just me to eat, and as usual CHOWHOUND came to my rescue. After a bit of digging I came across Yakitori One which I had forgotten I wanted to try.

About 8pm I headed up there and it is this teeny little place thats in what I'm just gonna call Baltimore's Little Asia. Between 24th-21st and Howard-Charles there are like 10 little Korean/Japanese restaurants which have been there forever and look like crap from the outside which can only mean one thing... they are amazing.

Yakitori One was a mix of promising and unnerving. On the promising side, they have these great woodblocks with calligraphy saying god knows what in what I assume is Japanese. Then they also have ONE dollar bills with notes from customers all over the walls, however only some of the notes are in English, which I think is a good thing.

The prices were great and the portions looked reasonable, but I didn't order too much and there was only one other table of customers.

All of their Yakitori was around $1 and they had a decent variety of vegetarian options. They also have okonomiyaki which is like a seafood (or meat) pancake. I didn't try this but it looked incredible, and I love the korean version of the assuredly traditional Japanese treat that is supposedly hard to find. I did get a chicken, a kalbi (korean marinated short rib), and a enoki mushroom wrapped in bacon yakitori. WOW! The chicken was nice and moist, the kalbi was tender and had nice flavor, and the enoki, although the texture of enoki is a little scary if you aren't used to it, was indescribably delicious and juicy and crispy and perfect. I also get a Yaki Sake Onigiri which was a rice ball fried on the griddle, and filled with salmon. I got this on recommendation and the rice was great but I am not a fan of salmon. As salmon goes it was delicious and buttery, but I just hate the stuff. I ordered this on the recommendation of the waitress, and although I was fully aware of the salmon, I just thought I should try it again. Oh well, not a total loss, just not a win.

Also exciting was the 8 varieties of sake and also 3 types of soju, yay! Plus some interesting cocktails and a lot of whiskey.

Everyone was friendly, I was served fast, and it was fun, I am trying to go back as soon as tomorrow night, 10$, including a $3 tip I can afford it!! Take that Rachael Ray!

Also, can't decide what to do Saturday... Wine Fest in AACO or Beer and Foodfest in Bmore??

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