Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fresh World International Market

I took another trip to Fresh World in Glen Burnie, MD, right off Route 2, across from Marley Mall. Check out my Map for directions.

I borrowed this photo from Pig-town Pigout's post here, I was too hungry to take photos. Check out this post for more info on the actual market.

Fresh World is a HUGE asian/ hispanic market. They have a meat counter (although I've yet to see a butcher there), They also have a live seafood section, and what excites me the most is their fresh produce section.

However, this time I went to try the Poong-nyun Cafe, and brought my mother along. Apparently when they opened last year they only had their menu in Korean but now its in, well, Engrish. Really the only problem I noticed was they have a lot of "chopped port" and the like. I'm fairly certain thats supposed to be pork.

Mom and I shared the Japchae bob and the Poongnyun Galbi (or Kalbi, apparently they are the same thing).

I decided to try the Japchae bob because my Korean friend has ordered it at Nam Kang before. Japchae bob didn't seem to be different from what I usually see on menus as Jap Chae. The major ingredients are: Glass Noodles, Soy Sauce, Carrot, Mushrooms, and Onion. It's got a nice chewy noodle texture, a good balance of sweet and soy, and a crispy bite from the veggies.

If you have never had Korean food before I recommend beginning with Galbi. Galbi is beef short ribs. Make sure you get the marinated ones. They are nice and sweet with a beefy flavor and light sauce. Sometimes they are a bit spicy. The best ones are the most tender, as far as I can tell this is due to the korean pear which they put in the marinade as a tenderizer. Funny enough I've also read that some korean women use coke as a secret ingredient tenderizer. The Poong-nyun galbi were particularly flavorful, tender in comparison the the galbi I have had other places. I assume the Poong-nyun in this case is just because they are the cafe specialty, but please correct me if you know better.

The prices range from around %6.95-$9.95 so it's a pretty good deal. I think the Galbi dish was somewhere between 6-8 pieces and my mom and I couldn't even finish the Jap Chae.

After lunch we had a look around the store and Mom was particularly impressed with the vegetable prices.

I was still searching, to no avail, for my melty blends. Instead we bought some chocolate sticks but when we got in the car we took a closer look at the packaging. I think my boyfriend did a better job of getting across what the package said:

"Just for men? Are you sure? Oh wait, just for me... Nope, nevermind, "Toppo for Men". Why?

They really should make Engrish an official language."

I happen to agree that if Ebonics is a language, Engrish has a right to be one too. After all millions more people speak Engrish than Ebonics.

Anyway, Mom and I had a great time joking about whether or not these would have the same effect as extendz or viagra. I guess we will find out in a few days.

Thats all for tonight!

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