Saturday, May 16, 2009

Kalbi From Scratch, Party, Graduation

Ok, I am graduating this Monday!
I will finally be a real person. I am very excited.

To kick off my new free life, I am having two huge parties.

Party one is BBQ for friends.

For this event I am making my BBQ Pork ribs, and also Korean Kalbi. I looooovee Kalbi the traditional way with Flanken, ribs cut across the bone.

(This image came from's post on kalbi, click the image for the post)

Usually it is marinated for a day or two and then grilled on a table top grill or over charcoal. I want to make something similar on the outdoor grill. I have been researching Kalbi for months (by researching, I do mean eating, but also recipe hunting) and I just cant decide what is best.
Some people call for coke or 7up in their marinade, some say to marinade for 1 day, some say 2. Some people put ginger. Some even use kiwi.

It seems that the most traditional ingredients are:
-grated korean pear
-soy sauce
-sesame seeds
-ground sesame seeds
-sesame oil
-green onions

And of course the right cut is Flanken. I wonder if I should try something different. I have had Korean flavored BBQ beef ribs before but I don't know if I can get the recipe. They weren't the same as the flanken but they were oh so amazing.

I want to marinate the ribs, but I would also like to make a thick sauce to go on them. Can I just reduce the marinade?
Any recommendations?

Here are links to some of the Recipes I am considering

Help Please!


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Nate-n-Annie said...

Congratulations on graduating!

May I just put in a plug for our recipe? :D

As far as making a thick sauce, I would reserve a couple of cups of marinade (or make a couple of cups extra) to reduce. I wouldn't try to reduce the marinade that has been used for the beef.