Sunday, June 21, 2009

Headed to SC, Will travel for food!

Summer is trying to happen here in MD. Really, its been cold and rainy at least 80% of the time, or at least cloudy and chilly. It's pretty awful.
As you can imagine with this weather, Chris and I can't wait for our annual trip to Charleston, South Carolina. Someday soon we WILL live there. For now, I just have to love it from afar.
To prep for our trip I am researching Charleston food blogs. I am surprised to see that some of the places I love to eat in SC are not written up in any of these blogs. Once again I am fighting with myself to decide if I want to share my already overcrowded, favorite little hideaway restaurants.
I will tell you that if you haven't been to Poe's you need to go. Best Burgers I have ever eaten. No contest with any other burger ever. Their fish tacos are also really tasty and everything had the perfect texture. I wouldnt say they are a secret anymore but maybe if you don't live in SC, you dont know.
Can you all share any delicious Charleston Restaurants with me? Or maybe someplace not to far off 95S that I could get for dinner on the way down, or lunch on the way back?
I am also trying to find tasty places to go with the whole family. Last time we were in town we went to Charleston Grill and Big Fat Hen. I need someplace new.

New email...
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