Friday, July 31, 2009

I was duped

Just by looking the label, I figured this was a Belgian beer. Not only does it have some sweet artwork but the text is in French. However, on closer inspection I found out this beer is from Canada. Those crafty French-Canadians! This beer is black. Not dark brown or deep red - black. Holding it up to a 40 watt light I saw no sign of penetrating light. The only other color is the light brown of the brew's creamy head. It's strong, 9.5% abv, with tiny hints of chocolate and a prominent coffee flavor. As I often do, I bought this beer based purely on the coolness of the label, only finding out after opening the beer days later that the that coffee flavor is the whole point. It's an Imperial Coffee Stout brewed with "real, free-trade coffee", whatever that means. Oh well, I can't read, but I can enjoy a good beer. A great beer in this case, sweet and pleasantly bitter at the same time. It hides it's strength well. Without looking at the label you won't know how strong it is but you will after you're finished drinking it, and that will be quick if you enjoy this as much as Robin and I did, and will again.

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