Monday, August 10, 2009

Talay Thai Grill in Baltimore

Today my friend and I went to a Bikram Yoga class in Hampden Baltimore. Class was crazy, really awesome. After we showered we drove down to Fells Point for dinner. We originally headed to Fells Point because I wanted to try the yogurt with mochi topping at Mr.Yogato.

We had seen a little ad for Talay Thai Grill on and decided to click on it. I was skeptical but I did a google search and found this post from Strawberries in Paris, saying it was good. And the dumplings looked soooo good.

Talay Thai Grill
1911 Aliceanna St Baltimore, MD 21231

The place was basically empty, which is no surprise considering the size, and that its a Monday. But service was fine. The waiter is apparently the son of the chef. And they have another location which I was to hungry to inquire about further.

The two of us decided to split the spring roll appetizer, and the pad thai. The spring roll was huge and not my cup of tea, but they did leave out the thai basil (im allergic), and the sauce that comes with it was really delicious. The waiter told me it was his mother's secret recipe. Can anyone tell me how to make this stuff for scratch?

The pad thai was perfect though. We ordered it hot, which was mild in my opinion, but they served it with red thai chillies, green peppers, and pepper flakes for you to add based on your own wishes. These were great because they had a nice heat, still held their own flavor, and didn't overwhelm the pad thai. The texture was nice, and there was a good amount of ingredients, not mostly noodles.

When my friend saw the mango sticky rice, mochi immediately flew out of my head and I knew I had to get it. The mango was perfectly ripe with none of the off flavors mango sometimes carries. The rice was a little too dense for my taste but still yummy and the right temp.

Overall, Talay Thai seemed great to me and I'd go back without a problem.

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strawberriesinparis said...

I'm glad you had a good time!!

amanda said...

The sauce they use is right straight from the bottle. I often go to Asian market and I know the sauce pretty well. Look for MaeSri brand in the sauce section.