Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peter Luger's steakhouse, Brooklyn

The steak last night at Peter Luger's was cooked perfectly (medium rare, duh). However, while juicy and tasty, it didn't do it for me the way other steaks have. Luger's has been voted the best steakhouse in New York City, but if it's the best, I won't coming looking for steak in NYC anymore. The filet mignon at Lewnes' in Annapolis, MD Lewnes Steakhouse on Urbanspoon  or The Keg in Toronto, or the the grilled skirt steak with red wine butter at Red Drum in Mt. Pleasant, SC are much better.
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Luger's did have a very good house ale, a dark, hoppy, refreshing beer that did compliment the steak well. (They also have really good salt sticks and onion rolls with onion in them, and service is pleasant  -Robin) I also had the apple strudel for dessert, and that came with Luger's "schlag" - aka whipped cream. Needless to say I was stuffed.

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Dong said...

Their thing is they dry age their beef. The process supposed to intensify the flavor of meat, I think.
What didn't you like about it? Taste? Texture?

Robin said...

I don't think the flavor is as intense as it should be for dry aged meat. Maybe they don't age it long enough. I was happy with the texture, but honestly, I purchased a dry aged steak from Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and the flavor was incredible. -R