Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Should I take photos in restaurants?

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Should I take photos in restaurants?

Is it OK to take photos of food in restaurants?

It's a big issue for food bloggers.  I posed the question on Twitter, and got a mixed bag of responses back.  Nobody seemed quite sure, and there's certainly no consensus.

@JAD73 said

You've paid for it, it doesn't affect the other diners so unless you start demanding waiters adjust the lighting ok, surely?
@TheAmpleCook echoed this:
I think it depends on the restaurant, the proximity of the next table etc. However, it's your food and you're paying for it.
@CulinaryTravels sat on the fence:
that's a tricky one. partly I feel it is bad etiquette but then I love to read blogs about restaurant reviews with pics too ...
 ...and seemed to ponder it some more...
... definitely a tricky one.
@daveycraney got straight down to the rules:
photos in resteraunts, flash = bad, no flash/camera phone = good
Something tells me photographing plates of food is a little rude, but I can't really put my finger on why.

Why does it make me feel so uncomfortable?  Am I over-reacting, as usual?


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