Sunday, October 25, 2009

Weekend in NYC

Poached eggs, Scottish smoked salmon, and hollandaise (best hollandaise I have ever had at a restaurant -robin) over English muffins.  Looking at the picture you'd think that I was incorrect in using the plural of egg and muffin, but if you'd seen my plate about 30 seconds prior to this photo being taken, you would have seen that there was more there.  All that's left from the initial onslaught of my hunger is the bloody (runny yolk) remains of a poached egg.  Needless to say, the rest was gone a minute later.  This wonderful breakfast (along with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice) was brought to me by JULES JAZZ BISTRO located at 65 St. Mark's Place.  Oh, you may have noticed jazz back there... that's because they have live jazz music every day of the week, even for Saturday morning brunch.  A trio played while we (me, Robin, her friend Jen, and a handful of Robin's acquaintances from her semester at Parsons) were there; an upright, a trumpet player, and a guitarist playing a gold Strat.  I particularly liked their cover of "Something" by The Beatles.

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Next up, Dana's pasta from ANGELO'S.  As usual, I missed the opportunity to photograph my own meal because I was too busy devouring it, but before mine came I managed to grab a shot of Dana's pasta and garlic.  The dish consisted of, oddly enough, pasta and garlic.  Robin and I shared lobster ravioli and shrimp in a light sauce and a giant stuffed artichoke.  Delicious!  I must say, after my first visit to Angelo's last year, I left unimpressed, but this trip was absolutely amazing.  I must have just ordered the wrong thing last year.

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(This is a half portion of the dish, my sister also ordered a stuffed artichoke, her favorite dish since... forever. When she removed the heart and picked a piece of it up with one of the garlic cloves, I believed for the first time in my life that she is actually related to me. She has been a picky eater for her whole life, but now I see she does appreciate the good stuff. -Robin)
After dinner at Angelo's, Robin, Dana, J.P. and I ended up at CAFE SELECT a few blocks away.  Three of us started with beer, while Robin had a cocktail (in the martini glass) consisting of vodka (Bison Grass I believe), tequila, and juice of strawberry, rhubarb, and lemon.  Very tasty.  Later on the four of us had lemon drop shots, which unfortunately we didn't realize New York has their own version of.  Instead of straight vodka with a lemon, or citron flavor vodka, it was vodka and lemon juice.  (the waiter said there was simple syrup in there too, which may have made the difference. The good news is JP complained a bit and he brought us two free shots that were a bit stronger -Robin) The unfortunate part was the lack of vodka in the shot.  If there was any vodka, it was such a small amount that the lemon juice completely overpowered it.  However, I made up for it with a glass of Patron Anejo, which is up there with Red Breast Irish whiskey as one of my favorite sipping liquors.  If you look at the next photo of the glass, you may be able to see the evil grin shining through from the candle behind, or maybe I'm just crazy.

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There wasn't a gun behind the Godfather-style toilet at Cafe Select.
Robin and I ditched her family for lunch today at ZOE, at 90 Prince Street (I think that's Soho, but I'm no expert).  I had an Ommegang Witte beer and a wood-fired brick oven pizza with spicy sausage, roasted red peppers, fontina, olives, and fennel.  Robin had a really neat looking breakfast meal that consisted of creme fraiche on top of an inch thick hash brown patty on top of scrambled eggs on top of a layer of smoked salmon.  My pizza was awesome, and I thought I had been in the mood for lunch rather than breakfast, but after taking a few bites of Robin's, I started to think I may have made the wrong choice.  No big deal, I'll know next time I go, and believe me, there will be a next time.
(Mine was good, potato texture tells they were leftovers, wish the egg was cooked less, "in house smoked salmon was nice, not my fav but a nice meal. Bread and butter was my favorite part, and belied the reality of an only decent meal. Go for bread and butter :) . If you want an incredible brunch try Jules [above] or Balthazar. - Robin)

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After lunch we walked around the corner to find a VAN LEEUWEN ICE CREAM truck.  These people take ice cream, and ice cream trucks, to a whole new level.  Robin and I shared a small Espresso and a small Mint Chip ice cream, oh yeah, AND a cup of their hot chocolate.  I think it's the best hot chocolate I've ever had.  Seriously.  Delicious.  Check out the Van Leeuwen website for more info on their process and flavors.  The photo I posted is of the Mint Chip ice cream.

Chris thought my family had eaten enough... little did he know that we were planning to go to Russ and Daughters on the way out of town. My great grandmother used to live up the street and so my mother and nana remember waiting in line here as little girls. I remember waiting in the car after dinner at Angelo while my dad would run in and get dried pears to bring home to MD after every trip to NYC. I actually rediscovered Russ and Daughters fish through The City Cook, a great podcast. This was my first time in the store and I was so excited all I did was snap photos... Here is my fav of the amazing Norwegian Smoked Salmon... perfectly sliced... (Check out flickr for more) -Robin

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The last photo is just a shot on the way out of New York.  The clouds looked cool.

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