Monday, November 30, 2009

Lima restaurant in DC

1401 K Street, Washington, D.C.

Robin and I went to Lima the day before Thanksgiving with her parents, sister, and sister's boyfriend. The food was really good. Robin and I shared the tuna ginger ceviche appetizer. The tuna was tender and full of flavor. We got a meat and cheese platter for the table. Those were average, although I really liked the blue cheese made from a mixture of goat's and cow's milk. It tasted a lot like ValdeĆ³n, except slightly more mellow. Oh, and the marinated olives were good too. For dinner, I had Lima's signature dish, the Chilean sea bass, crusted with cashew and cilantro, with lima bean sauce, served with wild mushrooms and roasted root veggies. The sea bass practically melted in my mouth, and veggies were so soft they must have been roasting all day long - delicious! Robin had 2 appetizers as her entree; the pork ribs with guava-BBQ glaze and the lime-breaded Ecuadorian shrimp with ginger-passion fruit sauce. For dessert, Robin's dad and I each had the chocolate cake which, like a creme brulee at most restaurants, required a 20 minute prep time. Luckily, we ordered ours when we ordered our entrees. The cake came out not just warm, but hot, fresh out of the oven. The dulce de leche ice cream was a perfect partner to the chocolate cake.

If you like good food, you should definitely check out Lima. The dining room is actually upstairs, and quite nice, with wood floors, stainless steel railings, glass panels, dark wood tables and chairs, and good views of the street below if you're near the front window. Downstairs is the "lounge", although I wouldn't call it that. It's a typical "hip" bar. Too many lights, chairs that are more fancy than they are comfortable, bartenders who have permanent smirks on their faces, grossly underweight female clientele in expensive cocktail dresses, male patrons still in the suits they wore to work that day. The Lima lounge is just the type of place I would hate to hang out. When we walked in, everybody there turned and looked, not just a casual glance but a moment or two-long stare that obviously meant, "what are you doing here?", although I think, in dark chinos and a button down shirt, I probably made them more uncomfortable than they made me.

Oh well, the food was great, and the dining room was nothing like the lounge.

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