Saturday, November 7, 2009

Thai food

Dong and I went to Bangkok Oriental for dinner tonight. We both had noodle dishes. I had drunken shrimp but I can't remember what Dong's was called. I had the shrimp toast appetizer which was delicious.

What you see in the photo is my second glass of Thai iced tea (Bangkok makes the best - it's the only place I get refills, although maybe that's because they don't charge like other places do)... And mango sticky rice. The mango was perfect, possibly the best I've had there, while the sticky rice was, well, also perfect. Sticky rice is a sweet rice that is served as a dessert rather than with a meal like regular white rice. It is served warm, so along with the mango you get that great hot/cold combo that also makes brownies & ice cream go together so well.

I anticipate going again when Robin gets back from Paris. She may be eating a lot of good food there, but she'll still be jealous that I went to Bangkok Oriental without her.

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Naomi said...

Mommy and Daddy love, love, LOVE Thai food! I love it, too! They won't give me the really spicy stuff, of course, but Pad Thai rocks!