Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Potluck 2009

Before we even moved into our apartment, Robin knew she wanted to have a potluck dinner for Thanksgiving.  After about 2 months of planning, it all came together on the night of November 22.  We invited over 20 of our closest friends and asked each of them to bring a dish.  Robin cooked a 20 pound turkey with carrots, apples, and some other stuff, and covered the turkey with strips of bacon.  Friends started arriving around 5:30, and I started off with a Southampton Publick House IPA that Trevor brought over.  Kristin made a dip with crab meat, spinach, tomato, artichokes, and cheese.  It was delicious.  We also had some good French cheeses to start.  Robin made her famous mac 'n' cheese.  Jeff brought beer, Christine brought spiced butternut squash, Trevor brought chili, Karin brought homemade apple and pumpkin pies, Noah and Gabe brought greens and root vegetables, Ben and his 2 friends brought wine, Jen brought salad, Justin brought peas in some kind of sauce that closely resembled straight up fat, Josh brought bread, Dong brought corn bread and glazed carrots, Chappy brought sausage stuffing, Brandon brought homemade cherry and pumpkin pies plus chocolate mousse balls and these little snacks consisting of a Rolo smashed between a walnut and a pretzel, Dave brought mashed potatoes, Matt brought sweet potato casserole, Erin brought corn bread and biscuits, and Lauren and Jimm brought cranberry sauce.  So, that's like 25 people including me and Robin.

After dinner we all relaxed a bit.  I started a fire in the pit in our backyard while Robin made hot chocolate spiked with choice of peppermint schnapps or kahlua.  When it came time for dessert, we had a throwdown to see whose pumpkin pie was better, Brandon or Karin's.  Karin's had better color and texture but Brandon's crust and flavor were the best.  On the other hand, Karin made an awesome apple pie.  Brandon made cherry pie just for me because I told him I'd love him forever if he did.  Being a Sunday, a bunch of our friends left pretty early because of having to work the next day, but half of us stayed and tried to avoid slipping into comas outside by the fire.  Karin on the other hand, tried to avoid staying awake.  Jeff and Christine stayed the latest and watched Dexter with Robin and me.

Our first ever Thanksgiving potluck dinner was a huge success and we plan on making it into a tradition.

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