Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Beer. Simple.

Hey everyone, Chris here. I usually don't write anything just for GFP, but Robin asked me to since I'm doing something new. Over the past year, I've become more interested in photography than I've ever been, and I've even gotten better at it. I've been photographing anything anywhere I can, especially at home when Robin cooks. I have a blog at Posterous, which is more like a stream of consciousness, and anything food or drink related I repost to GFP.

But now I've decided to to my own little thing, just for beer, since my love for really good beer is just as strong as Robin's love for really good food is. My new blog is called "Beer. Simple." and the name describes exactly what it is, a blog simply about beer. If you're into beer, check it out at You can also follow me on Twitter at All I'll really be doing is posting reviews of craft/micro and foreign brews I have at home, or pointing out great restaurants and pubs to get great beer along with great food, or letting everyone know when the next big beer related event is going to happen.

That's it. Simple.

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