Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Foods I wouldn't mourn were they to suddenly disappear from the planet"

I stole this entry idea from the 5 Second Rule blog, funny stuff over there...

Turkey Bacon.

Twinkies- although apparently they will be hanging out with the cockroaches for millenia

All Hostess Snack Foods

Sugar-Free EVERYTHING- I hate sugar substitutes, they leave a nasty bitter taste in my mouth and make me feel sick, and now I can't buy bubble gum anymore cause its almost all over sweetende with sugar AND fake sugar

Cheese Wiz


- this stuff tastes like rubberbands, and has that texture too

Box Mashed Potatoes

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts aka Recycled Rubber Tires

Leftover Lamb

Chocolate Cereals

Bad Chocolate


I agree with 5 Second Rule about Cool Whip, Non-Dairy Creamer, Mike 'n' ikes
Black licorice, Mountain Dew, Energy Drinks, Miracle Whip, and Hot Pockets(and all frozen products containing cheese that I know of)

Thats my list for now...


Laura said...

Your list is making me wretch....ugh......Does that mean you like fake whipped cream? I'm ashamed of you.

Robin said...

No, but I put it high above Miracle Whip. These are all things I hate.

Caitlin said...

oh my i have to disagree! boxed mashed potatoes are pretty sweet, considering they derive from powdery mystery powderiness. and chocolate cereals- count chocula? it's epic. as well as cool whip. everything else is pretty foul.