Saturday, May 16, 2009

Vegetarian Tacos

Dinner discussion went as follows:
Me: Guacamole sounds good
Chris: Tacos?
Me: Too heavy, how about vegetarian tacos

So we went to the store and bought some avocados, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms, taco seasoning, lettuce, red and yellow bell peppers, lime, and flour tortillas (I didn't want to fry the corn tortillas).

We thought we had onions but it turned out we only had giant shallots.

I julienned the zucchini, chopped the garlic, shallots, and shiitake, and then cut the peppers in half and stuck them under the broiler till the skin was black. When I took out the peppers we stuck them in a paper bag and sealed it for a few minutes till I could peal the skin off. Then I julienned the peppers too. I sauteed each veggie individually so they would have the best possible texture, but I used the same pan. First I did the shiitake with a tiny bit of olive oil (these seemed to need much less oil than portabellos). I added about two tsp of taco seaoning and when they were almost finished I added a bit of garlic and salt. I did the same thing for the zucchni but I also added a bit of shallot, maybe 1tsp right at the end to brighten them up, I think thay got more like 3tsp taco seasoning. Then I just added the peppers to the pan and their water content helped to pull up some of the fond in the pan so I didn't season them further.

Chris cut some lettuce, shredded some cheese, and made a box of rice with tomatoes and beans. He also made some killer guacamole with two delicious avocados, 1 lime, about 1tbsp cilantro (I'm not much of a fan), one large diced shallot, salt, pepper, and a dash of cumin.

We assembled the tacos, and I added my favorite hot sauce, Tapatio, and voila!

Vegetarian Tacos (Photo by Chris)

These were so yummy we forgot salsa and sour cream all together!

Kalbi From Scratch, Party, Graduation

Ok, I am graduating this Monday!
I will finally be a real person. I am very excited.

To kick off my new free life, I am having two huge parties.

Party one is BBQ for friends.

For this event I am making my BBQ Pork ribs, and also Korean Kalbi. I looooovee Kalbi the traditional way with Flanken, ribs cut across the bone.

(This image came from's post on kalbi, click the image for the post)

Usually it is marinated for a day or two and then grilled on a table top grill or over charcoal. I want to make something similar on the outdoor grill. I have been researching Kalbi for months (by researching, I do mean eating, but also recipe hunting) and I just cant decide what is best.
Some people call for coke or 7up in their marinade, some say to marinade for 1 day, some say 2. Some people put ginger. Some even use kiwi.

It seems that the most traditional ingredients are:
-grated korean pear
-soy sauce
-sesame seeds
-ground sesame seeds
-sesame oil
-green onions

And of course the right cut is Flanken. I wonder if I should try something different. I have had Korean flavored BBQ beef ribs before but I don't know if I can get the recipe. They weren't the same as the flanken but they were oh so amazing.

I want to marinate the ribs, but I would also like to make a thick sauce to go on them. Can I just reduce the marinade?
Any recommendations?

Here are links to some of the Recipes I am considering

Help Please!


Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Email and COMMENCEMENT 2009 Exhibition!

I can't update for a few days cause my optical drive is being repaired (the only downfall of the MacBook). Soooo until then, I am going to be very very bored.

So far, I have confiscated Chris' computer and I have created myself a new email.... You can now contact me at the following address...


Now I have to go work on my exhibition. Check it out online:

Photo by Robin

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Restaurant Recommendations for DC/ N VA Picky Eater, This Week!

I live pretty far outside DC and I try to take every advantage of any chance to go into the city to eat good food. I know there are hundreds of delicious restaurants in the DC/ NVA area that are foodie paradise.

I am meeting my sister for dinner this week. Unfortunately, she is a little bit picky but will find things but I don't want to loose the opportunity to eat someplace delicious!

Any recommendations for something exciting that will also cater to a more simple palate? Something with vegetarian options would be good. No Indian food, or moroccan.

Please help!