Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Foods I wouldn't mourn were they to suddenly disappear from the planet"

I stole this entry idea from the 5 Second Rule blog, funny stuff over there...

Turkey Bacon.

Twinkies- although apparently they will be hanging out with the cockroaches for millenia

All Hostess Snack Foods

Sugar-Free EVERYTHING- I hate sugar substitutes, they leave a nasty bitter taste in my mouth and make me feel sick, and now I can't buy bubble gum anymore cause its almost all over sweetende with sugar AND fake sugar

Cheese Wiz


- this stuff tastes like rubberbands, and has that texture too

Box Mashed Potatoes

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts aka Recycled Rubber Tires

Leftover Lamb

Chocolate Cereals

Bad Chocolate


I agree with 5 Second Rule about Cool Whip, Non-Dairy Creamer, Mike 'n' ikes
Black licorice, Mountain Dew, Energy Drinks, Miracle Whip, and Hot Pockets(and all frozen products containing cheese that I know of)

Thats my list for now...

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


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Beer. Simple.

Hey everyone, Chris here. I usually don't write anything just for GFP, but Robin asked me to since I'm doing something new. Over the past year, I've become more interested in photography than I've ever been, and I've even gotten better at it. I've been photographing anything anywhere I can, especially at home when Robin cooks. I have a blog at Posterous, which is more like a stream of consciousness, and anything food or drink related I repost to GFP.

But now I've decided to to my own little thing, just for beer, since my love for really good beer is just as strong as Robin's love for really good food is. My new blog is called "Beer. Simple." and the name describes exactly what it is, a blog simply about beer. If you're into beer, check it out at You can also follow me on Twitter at All I'll really be doing is posting reviews of craft/micro and foreign brews I have at home, or pointing out great restaurants and pubs to get great beer along with great food, or letting everyone know when the next big beer related event is going to happen.

That's it. Simple.

Posted via email from Chris is preposterous

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Thursday- Free Wine Tasting

Thurs 12/17 6-8pm... Free Wine Tasting @ Bin201 in Annapolis. Only 35 tickets! Call now to reserve a spot.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Name the Rabbit Contest!

My loving mother loves to think up crazy names for pets. 

She has graciously passed this love on to me. It often makes us look crazy, but it is fun. She has always wanted a pet named mailbox, or parcheggio (parking in italian). I on the other hand have dreamed for years of having a whippet (a breed of dog) named DEVO.  

In any case, she has suggested that I hold a "Name the Rabbit" contest. 

The Rabbit is the GFP logo on Facebook and Twitter. Eventually The Rabbit will appear on the GFP site, once I can figure out my web coding. The Rabbit will also be joined by lots of cute farm animals and food items all of which have been custom carved and printed for GFP by Marina Connell, an artist I found through

So whoever names the rabbit gets a prize. I'll modify this later and let you know exactly what the prize is. 

Name the rabbit contest ends next Friday the 18th at midnight. 

All suggestions must be posted in comment form on this blog entry.

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