Saturday, February 6, 2010

Accuweather is Having Conniptions Over all the Snow!

First I saw this lovely map from Accuweather, posted on another site.

The Destruction of the East Coast Begins Shortly

I should have know it was real, but I wanted to verify so I went to to find out. I also planned to research what PARALYZING is, as I am unfamiliar with this particular type of precipitation. When I got there I found the map below which clearly shows some new weather phenomenon called INTENSIFIES in the north eastern United States:

I began to grow concerned about the INTENSIFIES so I searched a little further and found another map showing that it will be very cold in the general vicinity of the entire country, and it will be DRY in the Northeast but we wont be able to tell because of all the wet snow falling. 

More disconcerting is the enormous SHOWERS brand Pickle the entire size of the state of California, headed for the state of California! People this is not a joke, WATCH OUT, mass bloating and goiter epidemics are on their way.

Have a nice snow week everyone!

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