Friday, February 5, 2010

UERIGE DoppelSticke

Photo by Robin

If you like Aventinus' Weizen-Icebock, this is another great beer for you.

I picked this beer off the shelf at The Perfect Pour for three reasons: the cool bottle, it is from Germany, and the word dopple. I am just learning about beer, and Ill try anything with dopple in the name because I have had good experience with that word in the past. Aventinus, for example is a wheat dopplebock. As far as I can tell dopple just means the beer has double the amount of yeast in it as a regular bock, giving it more alcohol, a requisite 6%, and up.

I love a nice dark malty beer, with a pretty viscous texture, chocolatey or yeasty aromas always reel me in, and a good balance is key or else the beer is undrinkable.

The DoppleSticke is a dark beer but not opaque, with a bright white head that faded pretty quickly. This beer has smooth aromas of yeast and pumpernickel, maybe even rye, in addition to some caramel tones and hazelnut. The flavors are complex and supple. Just a bit sweet, with none of the sour notes some dark beers can have. The alcohol is well hidden, but its only 8.5%ABV.

It looks like it was bottled in May 2003 so its been in the bottle for almost 7years. They say on the UERIGE site that it is made to age, and they are right.

A close second to Aventinus Weizen-Icebock on my list of favorite brews.


Anonymous said...

Doubling the yeast has no effect on the alcohol content of a beer. For this beer, Uerige probably just adds more malt to the mash.

Anonymous said...

The amount of alcohol has to do with the amount of fermentable sugar, which is in the mash.