Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is Your Ultimate Comfort Food?

I think my favorite thing in the world is watching the tiny shreds of parmagianno melt over pasta...

Anytime I am tired, or lazy, or have nothing in the house, or am just feeling poor, I make a big bowl of pasta with butter and parmagianno cheese.

My first year of college I lived in a dorm with no kitchen, hot plates were banned, we didnt have cars, and the cafeteria food made me miserable. 

All I would eat from the cafeteria was bagels or toast with cream cheese, and while that is also a comfort food for me, it didn't exactly warm the body on Philadelphia's winter nights. 

Once winter really hit I begged my dad for an electric water boiler, and I bought a flat grater. I made pasta with butter and cheese every night. I had to sit there and continuously push the button on the boiler so that the water would keep boiling and actually cook the pasta. 

I looked forward to nights when I could go into the city and grab a cheesesteak, or the Hooter's hot wings up in Penn State. I went to visit friends in Penn State as often as possible. In fact on the train rides up there I would salivate every time we passed a lot of cows grazing, just dreaming of filet mignon.  

After an entire year, you'd think I'd never eat pasta with butter and cheese again, but I still love it. I might even go make some now... or maybe I'll make carbonara. I guess we'll see. 

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