Wednesday, May 5, 2010

GFP is Participating with Grow Annapolis!

Grow Annapolis is a local project aimed at fostering sustainable, healthy development through community gardening projects. I have been looking for ways to involve GFP in the Annapolis community and I am thrilled to have been found by a project like this. Obviously, I am involved because the final outcome of gardening is usually my very favorite thing in the world, FOOD! However, I know the community has a lot more to gain than a zillion tasty, ripe tomatoes once this project gets off the ground. (disclaimer: bad puns are not intended, just nearly unavoidable).

I am really enthusiastic about the importance of promoting knowledge, involvement, sustainability, and health within the community. Grow Annapolis is in the early stages of development but there are some great goals and ideas being thrown out for dozens of community building projects, all centered around gardening.

Eventually members will be able to have a small plot of land where they can grow their own food, there will be educational programs, partnerships with local business owners, restauranteurs and school programs. The possibilities I see in the Grow Annapolis model are limitless.

Grow Annapolis meets every Tuesday at 7pm, downtown in Annapolis, and I made it to my first meeting last night. I hope to continue to attend for the foreseeable future. If you are interested in getting involved check out their site, contact them, or just show up for a meeting.

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