Sunday, June 20, 2010

How's it Going?

Its been a long two months. I have been working to get involved in lots of different projects and having a ton of fun. Annapolis is starting to grow a nice little food community and everyone is getting involved. I am thrilled to be a part of it, and it had been taking up a lot of my time.

Unfortunately I have had little time to write a post, but I hope you all have been following me on facebook and twitter because I have been keeping up with that.

I am really excited for the upcoming summer. I will be in Charleston, South Carolina for the beginning of July and will eat lots of great food and hopefully make some connections in their local food scene.

The end of August will be my first trip to California, EVER! I am headed to San Francisco and I will be renting a car to drive up and down the coast. I am already planning to get to The French Laundry! Please give me more suggestions if you have them.

Locally, I participated in the West Annapolis Green Market with Grow Annapolis last weekend and met some interesting vendors and farmers. I am hoping to do some farm pilgrimages soon. I also went to the new Farmers Market at Annapolis Town Center about two weeks ago and made a few connections there. This market is so great for all of the residents in the center, I am jealous. Arnold needs a farmers market now... hummmmmm. (Please pass that on).

Today for dinner, no photos, but I have to tell you I had a delicious dinner... we did a shrimp boil and I picked up a delicious Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly Imperial IPA from Dawson's in Severna Park. It was amazing. The weather was ridiculously hot today but by 6pm it was cool enough to enjoy dinner on the deck. I was actually out all day, but I just can't get enough sun. Beautiful weather, good food and beer shared with family; very nice.

If you have never had a shrimp boil its the best easy summer meal. You just take a pot of water, boil it, add a sachet of spices(we cheat with Zataran's shrimp boil packets) add potatoes, lemons, onions, corn, sausage, and shrimp, and cook through. You can really add whatever you want. Obviously you have to add the ingredients at different times so they cook the right amount, but its easy as pie. You spill it all out over some newspaper, cut up some bread and add a schmear of butter and a beer and you are in heaven.

Although I asked Chris from Beer Simple for advice on what beer I should get, and he told me nothing hoppy, I saw that Oaked Unearthly and couldn't say no. My personal opinion is that if you love the drink and you love the food, ninety percent of the time you really don't have to worry about pairing rules. I drink red wine with fish all the time. I'm in the mood for red wine, I'm in the mood for fish. I get both. Sometimes this is a disaster, especially if acidity is in the mix, but I was very happy with this choice and so was Dad. I don't generally like super hoppy beers because often they are so bitter, but I tried the Unearthly when we had it in at Bin 201 a few months back. I really loved it. Its a full flavored beer, the hops kick in at the end and are so well balanced by the smooth full body of the ale. The oak aged version has a beautifully oaky nose and slightly sweet flavor. I want more right now!

We finished up the meal with homemade bread pudding and whipped cream and then I took a nap on the floor.

Tomorrow I am going to Iron Bridge with my Aunt and Uncle so more good food and family.

I'm still a bit disappointed I missed the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival again, I held off too long and tickets sold out. Next year I swear.

Thats it for now. Thanks for following me. Ill be back again soon. In the mean time, please add me on facebook and twitter so I don't feel so bad that I haven't posted recently!

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