Saturday, July 3, 2010


Now that I have caught your attention...
It's just my incredibly hot macbook pro. I am too lazy to sit up because my belly is full of delicious foodie goodness, so I have to put it on my lap. It's also my fingers because I like to take quiches directly out of the oven without mits (is this not a word? blogger doesn't think so) or towels.

I just made a most supremely delicious quiche. I think I have been endowed with supremely incredible quich making skills because I can't seem to screw them up. Like, you know those days when you really are hungry for something amazing, but you don't know what. So, you start a'cookin' and you end up with something way more elaborate than you wanted to make, and/or clean up after, and then half-way through you give up, but not entirely, so you end up with a load of barf for dinner (yes i thought that sentence out in my head prior to typing it and no puncuation was necessary. nor was it necessary in that last phrase.)

Anyway, I have that problem a lot and I have taught myself that if I give up before I start and just make pasta with butter and cheese, I will be much happier, and so will my roommates cause I wont leave a mess for three days cause I am hiding from the dishes which mock me with the shame of the truly awful barf plate I made. But, I have also learned that occasionally I can still make a really amazing quiche, or at least a frittata.

So tonight was sort of one of those nights. My family and I are in SC for the holiday. Mom and I were gonna make two types of quiche for 5people, but it turned into everyone except me wanting to go on the boat so I went home and made myself 1 type quiche which everyone came home and finished (man, I wanted that for breakfast).

Anyway, quiche is easy.
Do it likea dis:

1 head Broccoli Rabe washed, still a bit wet, cut into bite sized pieces
two cloves smashed garlic
1 medium shallot
pinch of red pepper flakes
chipped country ham, or bacon, or your meat of choice, or no meat (quiche is good meatless. dont smite me)
1/4 lb grated gruyere cheese or any meltable cheese of your choice
4 eggs
1/3 c cream (I use light) per egg
9" pie crust, pre baked in the oven

If you are using bacon: Cook bacon till desired doneness. Pour off most of bacon fat but reserve about 1tbsp or whatever you feel is necessary to cook broccoli rabe in.

If you are not using bacon, sautee ham in the pan after the broccoli is done and mix it into the broccoli.

If not using bacon cook broccoli rabe in olive oil, adding garlic after the broccoli color brightens. Salt and pepper the rabe before it wilts so the spices will disperse evenly. Add red pepper to taste. Add Shallots, cover pan for a minute or two, cook till just beginning to soften (it will cook more in the oven).

Allow the mixture to cool before adding to eggs.

In a separate bowl lightly wisk eggs, cheese, cream and a bit of salt and pepper.  Pour mixture into crust. Add filling evenly throughout the egg.

Bake in oven at 400 for about 20min or until just the center is still loose. Remove from oven and allow to cook on a cold surface (granite countertop if possible) for 5-10min.


I promise you will be happy.

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