Sunday, July 25, 2010

Power Outtages Make Great Dinners

Mom is out of town for the weekend so Dad and I ate dinner at home tonight. The meal tonight was delicious and beautiful and fun! I have never been more sorry I couldn't take a photo. Thanks to my uber cold basement, and the super nasty humidity outside, I was unable to photograph anything because my lens fogged up and I couldn't wait another 20min for it to clear... so we ate.

There was a horrendous storm this evening. The sky went black in minutes and the wind was like a hurricane, and it was just insane. It knocked the power out at my parents, but I was determined to make my dinner work out. I had been thinking about it for a few days and I was excited. The storm cleared as fast as it came on so we were still able to grill which was most of the original plan. Luckily my dad has four grills and an outdoor burner and I was feeling creative.

I got bone in strips from Whole Foods for $5.00 off a pound, I couldnt resist that sale! So I bought a few steaks and made plans to cook dad dinner tonight. I have also been wanting to experiment with wheat berries for a few weeks, ever since I had them at McCrady's in Charleston, SC. The wheat berries were incredible and had tons of flavor. I know sometimes Whole Foods has them pre-cooked on the salad bar so I picked up some, and figured Id cook some bacon up and add the berries, some herbs, and then hope some of the steak juice would seep in if I let them rest on the wheat berries when they came off the grill.

I also had to make the feta pie I saw in the newest issue of Saveur. I have had some phyllo in the freezer for a few months so I had dad pull that out. While I was getting ingredients at Whole Foods, I was more than vaguely concerned it would be hard to make phyllo on the grill but I was crossing my fingers that the power would be on by the time I got home.  I couldnt read the recipe because it was so dark in the kitchen so I think I sort of followed it. I put the cast iron skillet on the outdoor burner and sauteed garlic, green onions, chard, mint, parsley, and salt and pepper. Half way through I decided to use up the rest of moms spinach and a hint of white wine, and my filling was ready. I layered phyllo and oil and filling back in the skillet with some feta. Two kinds of feta, one was Mt. Vikos Sheeps milk, and the other was a goat milk feta that was much a more pure, less salty, and softer cheese than the sheeps milk. They were both tasty. So I did phyllo, filling, cheese, phyllo, filling, cheese, phyllo. Then I stuck the skillet on the big green egg with the top closed, it was about 450 degrees. I left it for about 10min until I was afraid the phyllo was gonna burn. I decided to flip the whole thing onto a cookie sheet that had been warming on the gas stove (incase the skillet was too hot or cold on the egg). It worked perfectly and the phyllo was the most beautiful golden brown.

We cooked up the steaks, and sat down to eat, and it was all incredible.

I would have photographed after, but of course the light was gone so lame me, not photos. Ill try again though, this was such a fun, delicious meal. Best of all the power came on just after we finished eating. It was a nice meal with my dad.

So I decided I had to TRY to show you the deliciousness. I didn't have a lot of time to take or edit this but here is a next day, reheated photo of the feta pie:

Photo by Robin

P.S. More photos of the scene of the crime, coming soon.

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