Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Whole Foods Market Customer Feedback Dinner

I just realized that Blogger never posted some entries I wrote. This one is from back in April! 

On Tuesday evening I attended a Customer Feedback Dinner at Whole Foods Market in Annapolis. The dinner was hosted by Amy Chase, the Marketing Liason, and a panel of staff members from some of Whole Foods departments.  

I was thrilled to be a member of the community guests who were invited to WFM to give feedback on our store. It was interesting to hear feedback from the WFM team members about future plans at Whole Foods, as well as the other customers at the event. 

Whole Foods is a national corportaion, but they are also a series of individual stores which are staffed by members of the communities that surround them. As such they try to entrench themselves in the community. They do this through sales of local ingredients, promoting local businesses, and giving back to the community around them.

I am very excited to announce that WFM is sponsoring a Farmers Market in the Annapolis Town Center every Wednesday, from 4:30-7:30pm, beginning June 2nd! If you know of any local farmers that you think should participate in the market please let them know and tell WFM too.

I also learned that WFM has a gluten-free bakehouse in North Carolina so their gluten-free is truly gluten-free. 

Also very exciting for all those single folks, or those just trying to eat smaller portions... they will be having a bulk produce bar so that people can just take some of what they want rather than purchasing a pre packed bundle. 

In case you don't know, WFM also has special promotions every day of the week. Go check out their site www.wholefoodsmarket.com/annapolis for more details. 

I hope all of our feedback at the panel really helped make Whole Foods a better shopping destination for all of you. Please show your support for our community by attending WFM events that sponsor the community. Check out their site, and see them on Facebook and Twitter for more information. 

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