Saturday, August 21, 2010

California, California, Here I am

It's about 7am here in cloudy San Jose. (Well now its 9am, I wrote lots on this post but...)

I'm awake with a tummy ache becuse I literally forced myself (and by forced I mean I could hardly stop myself from licking) to wipe each plate clean with the delicious bread at Chez Panisse last night. That's right, the answer to the cute little tweet last night was Chez Panisse Restaurant in Berkley, California.

This week I am out in California checking out the San Francisco Bay Area and surrounding cities. So far I have learned that the food here is amazing, and Sausalito is gorgeous. I'm still forming my opinion on the actual city of San Francisco. I'm surprised, I expected it to be gorgeous everywhere except a few small areas, but it seems like most of the areas in the city are a bit run down, and those gorgeous painted townhomes that go on for blocks are the exception. When the views are there, they are really breathtaking, but nothing seems clean. Honestly, I think the pollution is coloring my view... or maybe its the stomach ache. (pepto pink colored glasses?)

I have a zillion things to share, and lots of photos to edit, and I still want to head to wine country today. But I will be updating. Maybe from the car. I can't seem to update at night, food comas are overwhelming me. I'm trying I promise. Please check the twitter, I'm sending phone messages regularly.

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