Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Last Two Weeks, Part 1 of ?

I don't think I could possibly have eaten more food than I did in the last two weeks.

Ok, that's a lie. I can always eat more. Or I think I can. New genetic retardations are finally manifesting themselves. My Mom has this thing which was probably not a highly valued genetic trait in the old days of survival of the fittest, so I find myself wondering why it has been passed on to me... When she eats too much she begns to sneeze uncontrollably. Whelp, now I got it too. Oh, Joy. I had sneizures for like 20minutes straight. Taught me a lesson. (ha as if I can ever control my eating).

Starting at the beginning: 

I stopped in DC for lunch last tuesday. I knew I wanted a good beer so Brasserie Beck is always a safe bet. I was frustrated however, because most of their beers I have yet to try were large format, aka $25-40 ea. Need to remember to bring friends next time. I ordered the Moules Frites with Irwin Mushrooms Applewood-smoked bacon, and truffle cream. 

The seasonal mushrooms were a bit texturally overpowering to the delicacy of the plump mussels and I found myself regretting not listening to the bartenders suggestion for a different preparation. Nonetheless, they were delicious. The women next to me saw my enthusiasm and offered to photograph the debauchery, so here is me:

I look like a Skeksis from The Dark Crystal 

Since every beer I kept being drawn to wasn't really an option, I did let the bartender pick that. He came up with the Dieu du Ciel Route des Epices. 

Dieu du Ciel is a pretty reliable brewery out of Montreal. This beer was nice with the mussels. I just enjoyed it because I was looking for a beer with a hint of seasonal spicyness, but a nice hop balance and a bright, but slightly malty flavor. I did find myself craving the mussels with Allagash white, orange peel and cilantro from Victoria Gastro Pub in Columbia. Chris and I shared these during Bmore Beer Week. Mussels and Allagash are an unsurprisingly amazing combo.

Wednesday, I stopped by Lures in Crownsville for lunch and tried Evolution's, Jacques au Lantern. They served it super cold so had to let it warm up. The bubbles rose so slow and steadily, this is a fairly viscous beer. I think the beer is pretty tasty, not a heavy hitter. A bit less thickness and sweetness balanced by a hint more yeasty bitterness or citrus would make this more appealing but it was a nice medium bodied, refreshing, seasonally appropriate drink.

This past weekend Mom and I headed to NYC for a weekend of shopping, and eating. My expectation was to eat so much I couldnt fit in the clothes I bought. I have tons of food porn and trillions of details to share so I will leave you with Part One. Come back for Part 2 soon. 

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