Tuesday, April 12, 2011

1600mg OF SODIUM!!

Wow! That is the current average amount of sodium in kids school lunches.

I remember when I was a kid (when did I get to be old enough to use that phrase?) I freaked out when I saw that lunchables contained 1,700mg of sodium.

My earliest memory of label checking was the day I looked at the side of the lunchables box. I've loved playing the games on food boxes. I guess I'd played the 'Get Lucky to His Lucky Charms' maze game too many times, and so I moved on to the ingredient lists and nutrition facts. I didn't know what all those long words and numbers meant, but I had fun comparing how much more fat was in a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch with 1/2cup skim milk, vs Lucky Charms. I remember feeling smart for my ability to pronounce such long words.

Once at day camp I had my favorite treat, a lunchable, and I was amazed at a quadruple digit number for anything. Specifically 1780mg of sodium!

I'm not even sure I knew what sodium was, but that freaked me out.

Nowadays I believe lunchables aren't quite as bad. But according to an NPR podcast the USDA has just now proposed cutting the sodium from 1600mg(just shy of a lunchable) to around 700mg.

I knew school lunches were bad but I never thought they were that close to a lunchable.

Thank god I spent my lunchtime inhaling toxic chemicals in the art department, and skipping lunch, right?

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