Monday, April 25, 2011

Lobster Truck DC (+featurette)

I work in DC. It is awful. With the exception of the food trucks, and restaurants. Ok, the art is cool, too.

The other day, LobsterTruckDC stopped into NOMA for a visit.

I had just reheated my Passover leftovers when my coworker made a disparaging remark that all the silly government workers had made a line around the block for something called a "lobster roll", whatever that was.

My eyes lit up. I jumped from my seat and ran through the store. I leaped through the sliding doors... and my heart sunk. The line was literally halfway around the block.

As I got into the back of the line it doubled. By the time I moved one cement square, the line reached the other corner.

This had to be worth loosing money on a long lunch, right?

I fidgeted for about 2minutes then I decided to do the unspeakable.

I walked towards the front of the line, stopped about 10 people back, and begged for someone to let me buy them a lobster roll so I could take their place in line. I know it's awful to cut but I just had to try one of these. If you had heard everyone in line gushing over these things, you would have done it too. I apologized to everyone around and explained my situation and 1 gentleman was kind enough to take pity on my stomach.

I got to the window and was offered 1 of 2 styles of Lobster Roll. 1) Connecticut Style: Lobster Sauteed in Butter. 2) Traditional Maine Style: Lobster with Mayonnaise. I ordered 2 #2s and a Root Soda.

They try hard to be authentic with Maine Root Sodas, and Cape Cod Chips. They also offer shrimp rolls and New England Clam Chowder.

I got my sandwich filled up a vanilla creme organically sweetened fountain Root Soda, thanked my partner in crime, and ran back to work to stuff my face.

This is the kind of sandwich that deserves its eater to have a seat on a towel on the beach with a straw hat, and a blue and white striped linen shirt. Said eater should be taking in the briny smell of lobster, the acidic creamy flavor of the mayonnaise, the crisp texture of the buttered roll on your fingertips,  and the rolling sound of the ocean with the sand between your toes and the sun beating down on your feet.

I felt like I was transported, when in reality I was sitting in the windowless lunchroom in DC with three shirts on for warmth. Red Hook Lobster Truck gets 100 points for the environmental transportation factor in that $15 Lobster Roll.

However, the price was (expectedly) steep, and to be honest the lobster was clearly previously frozen. Texturally, the bun was the saving grace. The actual lobster meat just had that soggy frozen seafood texture.  Don't get me wrong, I was happy to pay the price and I was happy with my meal, but if you have never had a lobster roll, I'd recommend waiting. This is nostalgically delicious, with less of its own merit. Not bad, oh no. Definitely not bad, just not a prime specimen.

Then again, maybe its an unfair comparison because my last seafood roll experience was a transcendent Dungeness Crab Roll in Sausalito, California.

See Fish.

I didn't need the transportative facilities, I had beautiful sun, and a beautiful view, and a beautiful meal.

Okay, maybe it isn't a fair comparison. If LobsterTruckDC is in your neighborhood, try it.

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MrsWheelbarrow said...

I stood in line last week, in the teaming rain, and gave up when it had not moved one inch in 7 drenching moments. Now I'm sorry I didn't use your ploy. Great photos. - Cathy