Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bahn Me

Official cutlery of real life butchers and fictional blood spatter analyst serial killers everywhere.  Yes, that's real blood on there... from a pig.

Words by Robin Riebman
Photography by Christopher Rausch

As soon as I tasted the Sai Krok Moo (a Thai pork sausage) I could imagine the feel of my teeth tearing into a delicious Bahn Mi featuring little fingers of that porky goodness laying on a bead of sirracha mayo, tucked in by some quick pickled cucumber and carrot and garnished by cilantro. Ooooo!

I’ve actually never had a Bahn Mi. I hated cilantro for the first 20+ years of my life so I steered clear. But Bahn Mi always looks sooooo yummy. I wanted to make one.

I had some help making the Sai Krok Moo at My Butcher and More, in Annapolis, for Charcutepalooza, May 2011. I am traveling in Thailand, Cambodia, and then Vietnam over the next 12 days so I was inspired to make a traditional Southeast Asian sausage. I believe Sai Krok means “sour sausage” and Moo means “pork” in Thai. Here is a cool site with some other Thai sausage recipes I would love to try.

I’m headed to Vietnam tonight and you better bet I will be trying an authentic Bahn Mi and will be able to compare.

According to my research a true Bahn Mi should include patè, but I’m poor. It should also be made with grilled chicken, but well I had pork, and that beats chicken everyday.

So I made this other thing. I call it the Bahn ‘Me’.

Bahn Me
Makes 2 sandwiches for fairly hungry adults, or even if you’re not hungry, overly enthusiastic food lovers.

For the Sandwich
1 Baguette
Mung Bean Sprouts
1 Meduim Carrot, julienned, or shredded if you are lazy
1 Small Cucumber, deseeded and again, julienned or shredded if you are lazy
2 Green Onions
3 Small Sausage Links

For the Condiments
Rice Wine Vinegar
Fish Sauce
½ Lime, juiced
1 Spicy Pepper (I had a jalapeno, but a birds eye would be more authentic)
Green Onions

Ok, first you have to get the Cucumber and the Carrot pickling. In two separate small bowls combine 2 parts sugar to 3 parts rice wine vinegar. Just make enough to barely cover the carrots and cucumbers. Put them in separate bowls. Let them hang out.

In another little bowl combine 2 tbsp fish sauce, juice of ½ lime, 2 tbsp sugar, and rice vinegar to cut lime/ sugar. Add sliced pepper to desired level of tongue annihilation, and let sit.

Get the sausage cooking via your desired method. Grilling is preferred.

Slice baguette into thirds and save 1/3 for munching. Slice other pieces in half lengthwise for sandwiches.

In another small bowl combine the mayo and sirracha. Make it spicy to your taste.

Slice the green onion into shards or rounds as desired.

After you cook the sausage, let it cool and slice it into quarters lengthwise. This encourages the porky fingers to stay on your sandwich.

We used a grill pan, and immediately smooshed the baguette halves into the juices on the still burning pan and let them char a little while soaking up the goodness.

Spread sirracha mayo on the baguette, pile on sausage, cucumber, carrot, cilantro, and mung bean sprouts. Drizzle a bit of the lime vinegar over the whole thing, or use as a dipping sauce, and CRUNCH!

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Kelly @ SnailsView said...

Bahn Mi is one on my all time favorites! I'm curious to know how the authentic one compares to yours, yours sounds perfect. Enjoyed the post.