Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Chorizo and Mushroom Omelet

Sometimes it's okay to cheat.

On Sunday I made it to the JFX Farmer's Market in Baltimore early enough to pick up some beautiful Honey mushrooms. They are very similar in texture to Velvet Pioppini or Shmeji mushrooms. Joanna, the sales woman, suggested to eat them in an omelet. I can't say no to a wild mushroom omelet, so I bought a bunch and brought them home.

On Monday I went to lunch at Sin Fronteras restaurant in Annapolis. The food was fantastic, but I had a lot of leftovers. Namely, the chorizo from a baleada.

Wednesday morning I was feeling resourceful so I went to the fridge and lo and behold I had the makings a omelet to top all omelets.

I threw the honey mushrooms in a sauté pan with a knob of butter.  In an omelet pan I warmed the chorizo and let the fat render just a touch. Then I threw in the seasoned eggs. I garnished with a few snips of fresh garden chives for color, some cherry tomatoes to balance the fat with acidity, et voila!

This could not have been more simple, and it was absolutely fantastic.

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