Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Japanese Sweet Fried Tofu and Ginger Mushroom Rice Bowl

Ingredients are really important in simple cooking. 

I used King Trumpet Mushrooms, maitake, and shimeji mushrooms. You could use any variety you like, I would stay away from shitake though because they can be so hard to chew, they aren't best for the soft textures in the rice bowl. 

Here are my favorite condiments:

It's not REALLY rice seasoning, but I am SO addicted to this stuff. It's probably the MSG.
They make a blue package type too, the seaweed flavor is stronger in that one. Get the Green.

That's right, market it to children and beer drinkers. 


I DONT like this stuff. It's to alcoholic and not enough sweet or aromatic

This seems ok

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Bahia said...

This looks incredibly delicious! I want to try making it.