Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dinner Date


Marc lives out in the country. He cooks. He is a photographer for a living. He likes music.
He is a good friend.

Once in a blue moon we all get together and eat... and photograph. Last time at my place we had a Spanish night with Jose Andres recipes from his book Tapas(check out the old post).

This time we headed over on a sunny and warm summer evening, with some good beer, and empty stomachs.

Thank goodness for empty stomachs.

As we walked into the kitchen our nose and ears were assaulted by goodness. The sounds of good music were wafting out way and Marc had been working all day making dinner. Pork Involtini (aka braciole here in the states) from the Frakies Sputino Cookbook. These beautiful pork rolls were filled with sharp provolone, parmigiano reggiano, parsley and bread crumbs, with a gorgeous tomato sauce. You could taste the time it spent simmering on the stove.

As backup he also grabbed a chunk of stilton, some crispy bread, threw together some mozzarella caprese, and made a shrimp cobb salad... just in case the pork didn't turn out.

Believe me, the pork turned out, but we were happy to stuff our faces with a taste of everything else too.

Chris and I brought over a pack of Lagunitas Little Sumpin' Wild, along with a Terrapin Indiana Krunkles Wheat IPA which was a present from our good friend at It's A Fuckin' Beer.

The Little Sumpin' Wild is a Belgian Strong IPA with some extra Westmalle Yeast for a tiny hint of funk. Compared to the original Little Sumpin' I'd say it just mellows out the sugary bitterness. It was really fantastic with the stilton. The nutty sweetness of the beer softened the blue cheese bite and the two balanced each other beautifully. They really cleaned up each others flavors, refreshing your palate for a new bite, then a new sip, then a new bite...

The Indiana Krunkles was exactly what I was hoping it would be. They describe it as a Belgian Wheat meets American IPA. It was more wheaty then bitter, very unfiltered, not terrible heavy, and nicely carbonated. The wheat calmed the bitter hops while keeping their fruity elements intact. I'm hoping to try some more Terrapin when we travel to Asheville later this summer.

So we ate, we drank, we listened to music, read through cookbooks, photographed, and had a night that makes life worth living.

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