Sunday, January 22, 2012

CBX Brewvival at COAST Brewing Feb 25th 2012!

Brewvival Round 3 is just around the corner and the brew crew is gearing up for a long week filled with lots of fun!

This year Chris and I are making the obligatory pilgrimage to Due South BBQ in Christiansburg, VA, on our way down. We will have our first evening in Asheville. We will grab some good stuff from Bruisin' Ales and dine at Cùrate. When we went down to Av for Brewgrass Festival last year we had a fantastic meal at Cùrate (check out the old post here). I think about the Sangria and the Branada de Bacalo and basically the entire meal on a regular basis. Honestly I think this is probably my 3rd favorite meal ever. The restauranteurs trained at El Bulli and the skills they learned followed them here. Its an awesome place. One of the most difficult decisions I will have to make on the trip is wether I want to go to Early Girl or Cùrate for breakfast the next day. I am super excited. I am certain we will stop in at French Broad for some chocolate bars and hot chocolate and maybe grab a beer at the Thirsty Monk Pub.

Hopefully we will get in at least one brewery tour in NC and a couple in SC. After Asheville we will meet a buddy in Greenville. The Community Tap and Greenville Beer Exchange are on the list for visitations. I need to start researching dinner in Gv on Yelp!. Any stomach slaughtering recommendations are requested and welcome.

After Gv its off for the week in Charleston. I am hoping for another slew of unseasonably warm weather. Chris and I cannot wait to try Husk for the first time. Husk was named Bon Appetite's Best New Restaurant in America 2011, and Chef Sean Brock, amongst other trivial things that make him cool, has one a James Beard Award in the past for his work at McCrady's (another Chas favorite of mine). I expect to check out Charleston Beer Exchange, Poe's Tavern, a first trip to Closed for Business, some mussels in guinness sauce, and bloody marys at The Blind Tiger, a downtown bar crawl beginning at the Griffin, a first trip to The Charleston Pour House, and one of my favorite spots Burn's Alley. Obviously breakfast will happen at Sea Biscuit Cafe. I am craving a ham and egg from them right now. Oh man I am hungry.

If I have time for anything else besides Bikram, I will be amazed. Here are some photos of the wreckage and destruction of seasons past:

Chris and I in our "It's a Fucking Beer" Blog shirts, courtesy of Dan McCord 

Shrimp and Grits at Early Girl in Av

French Broad Chocolate- Cheese Plate in Av

Part of the crew during our Vendu bar crawl


The way to be greeted after an 8hr drive? Shrimp Boil

The fight over the Guinness Sauce at Blind Tiger

Girls at The Griffin

It's going to be a good beer festival if the signs are hand written instead of on tap handles. More unique. 

Soak up the Booze

The whole crew, minus photographer Chris. 

Me, Brandon from CBX and KB

Dan of "Its a Fucking Beer" and Chris


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