Saturday, February 25, 2012

So far in the land of awesomeness...

As you avid readers may be aware, Mr. Christo and I are headed for COAST Brewing and Charleston Beer Exchange's most awesome beer festival ever, the Brewvival today Saturday the 25th!

We left last Saturday night and hit our favorite bbq joint, Due South in Christiansburg, VA. I finally got to try the beef brisket (only available on the weekend). Then we made a mad dash for Curate in Asheville which is one of those places I doubt I will ever be able to pass up ever again. For more details about how awesome those places are check out my Asheville gushings.

Leg o' Serrano

The next leg of our trip was Greenville, SC to meet up with out favorite bloggermeister, the dubious DMc of It's a Fucking Beer, at The Community Tap (basically the store I would own if I owned a beer store, plus cheese). We grabbed two orders of "The Trucker" for brunch at The Bohemian at his behest. We were hoping to try some of the good ethnic foods in town but sadly nothing was open during the day. The Bohemian wasn't bad by any stretch, but it didn't exactly stand up to Early Girl in Asheville.

Dinner and drinks at The Trappe Door and Barley's and then a sleep over with our buddy, Chris' fellow guitar fiend friend, Rhett, in Pendleton. We came dangerously close to visiting Clemson, but I was able to avoid it. My dignity is intact and I can return to my MUSC graduate parents triumphant.

Thomas Creek is artfully situated on the way out of town so we set up a tour. What better way to kick off the SC leg of the trip, than a brewery tour at 11:30am? Paige showed us the place in full brewing glory, with the help of her two assistants Porter and Nugget. Their beers are always something worth trying. We had some Conduplico and it was awesome Look for Paige today Saturday at Brewvival, and ask her lots of questions, she knows the answers.

Once we finally rolled ourselves into Charleston we began to make a ruckus. We have been doing our best to check out the new hot spots in town. It seems like food around here only gets better. I have had so many fantastic meals in this city its hard to go to sleep without dreaming about breakfast the next day.

I always love recommendations from the local businesses so thats where I start.

However, this year I cheated a little. We stopped in at Barnes & Noble (what am I going to do when book stores don't exist anymore?) before the trip and I picked up the latest copy of The Local Palate. It's a magazine mostly about Charleston, how convenient. They had a feature about Cypress' executive chef Craig Deihl. Apparently he has been aging meats above the restaurant and making beautiful charcuterie with it for quite awhile now. I don't know how I have been unaware of this but I'm glad I know. We made it to Cypress for the first time ever on Monday night. The charcuterie was definitely the star of the meal, but the cauliflower soup with mustard oil and crab came in a close second.  Minus some small tweaks, I felt the meal was pretty darn good.

Chris and I did Bikram Tuesday morning at the Bikram Yoga Charleston's Mount Pleasant location. He hadn't been to the studio down here and he was really impressed. We grabbed lunch at a spot called Gaulart & Maliclet aka Fast & French on Broad (thanks for the recommendation Paige!). This place is a super old school lunch counter with fairly classics french lunch fare, and tasty looking soups. Really an interesting little haunt.  I hope to make it back there again in the future. We could only share some snacks since we had to save space for dinner at Husk!!!!

The Swizzler

After recuperation and some shopping on King of course. Chris got a bunch of snazzy new digs.

We dropped in for a cheese tasting at one of the newer Chucktown establishments Goat, Sheep, Cow. Holy Gosh I can't explain the excitement when I see new cheeses! I tried everything I had never seen before and vowed to return with and appetite and time. I had the opportunity to return Thursday night and I will surely share the glory with you all once I am able to partake of it.

We proceeded to the best place in town, cBx to see Rich, Scott, and Brandon and have a chat. They are jerks and made the trip twice as complicated by telling me about all the hot and tasty new places to eat in town. Food and Booze have since been forced to duke it out for space in my belly. Its not working out so well. Thanks guys!

We also grabbed some mini growlers of The Rare Beer Tuesday Feature: Brooklyn Brewmaster's Reserve: Mary's Maple Porter, and Westbrook Mexican Cake.

Dinner at Husk is its own post so you get to hear about that later. In fact, I think thats enough for now. I have to go enjoy the sun, and the fun.

I'm off to grab breakfast at Sea Biscuit so we can all load up before the festival.

I will see you on the front lines!

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