Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No More 'Mallows! Recipe Contest - Tasso Ham Gravy Over Chipotle Sweet Potato Biscuits and Collard Greens

Sometimes you get lucky in the kitchen. A simple meal you make with the scraps of leftovers is often the most satisfying. It's convenient, it doesn't cost a lot of money, it feeds a lot of people, and it is mind-meltingly delicious.

Chris' Surprise Birthday Brunch on Sunday met all of those qualifications. Running very low on cash, and very high on promises of a brunch for 12 people, I had to scramble to find a menu that wouldn't end up breaking the bank. I also had to make something I could whip up in a groggy blink of an eye.

Lucky for me, my kitchen is fairly well stocked and my freezer holds endless treasures. I managed to get all 12 people in my kitchen on time, and have all the food ready in just under an hour, with time to stash my apron before opening the door to the guest of honor. 

This meal could not have been more perfect. Tasso Ham Gravy over Chipotle-Ginger Sweet Potato Biscuits, and Collard Greens is truly what I had laying around. All I had to purchase for this meal was a container of buttermilk, a bunch of collards, and a few poblano peppers. The tasso was in the freezer, homemade for Charcutepalooza in April, and I always have sweet potatoes on hand.

My friends were happy to supply beverages and Chris' mom, Mary Fran made a fantastic dessert.

There were happy stomachs all around.

Slice open those beautiful biscuits. Scramble up some eggs, and lay a few slices of the tasso ham right on top. Drown in gravy and serve with a big helping of collards. Finish off the meal with some warm and comforting Peach Cobbler.

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