Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What to do with Farmer's Market Finds?

There is a lot to be said for buying fresh groceries from a local farmer's market. You can support the local economy, get to know great people in your community, feed yourself healthfully, and be considerate of Mother Earth. The farmer's markets in Charleston are pretty fabulous affairs. They offer great items you can feel good about purchasing.

Still, every time I go to the Farmer's Market I feel that I stick to the same repertoire of items that I have purchased every other time I have ever gone to a farmer's market, ever. 

My trip always goes as follows:

1) Pull into parking lot, get out of car, look for wallet, find wallet, get back in car, go to bank to get cash. 
2) Pull back into lot, get out of car, walk into market to see beautiful tomatoes I want, return to car to get reusable bags, return to market. 
3)Take 1st lap around market, look at every stall and note which items look best at which stall. 
4) Talk to a few vendors, tell them I can't decide what I want to make for dinner, and I will return when I come up with an idea.
5) Take 2nd lap around market, purchase tomatoes, berries, green onion, shrimp, and maybe a snack.
6) Take 3rd lap around while considering how long my food can stay in my bag before it gets too hot or too squished. 
7) Return Home with tomatoes, berries and green onion... just like last week.

Maybe that's not how it works for you, maybe I am alone. Maybe you all go to the market and know just what to do with all of your veggies before you get home, but I don't.

I have had enough. I want to take full advantage of the deliciousness so I am going to come up with dish ideas for all of the beautiful produce the market has to offer.

Last trip I grabbed some local clams at the Mount Pleasant Tuesday Market, courtesy of Wabi Sabi Farm, and some Kalaloo from another stall. Nothing too crazy just greens and seafood. And I made... pasta with clams and greens and beer. Nothing very creative, but oh so delicious.

This week I'm going with all of the beans. At Marion Square on Saturday I bought butter beans and green beans, and purple green beans.

I'm starting with just eating the green beans raw cause I love em that way. 

But here are some Butter Bean ideas for me to try. Er, for you to try ;o). Please recipe share. 

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