Sunday, July 1, 2012

Guest Post Sunday: Picnic Spots in the Holy City

            Being in the south, it can be tough to find a good time and place to get outside, what with all the heat and humidity we deal with around here. Yet, when the weather finally lines up for once, there can be great times to head around Charleston for a good old-fashioned picnic. Whether it's the water shining peacefully in the bright daylight, or the cool shade to escape the unforgiving heat down here, this town has plenty to offer!

            Personally, I like sitting along a waterfront, especially when there's a good breeze going in the midday. That's why I enjoy visiting the North Charleston Riverfront Park!  The river is beautiful to stare into (although not too long - don't need to be blinded by the sun's reflections!) I've had some good friends over for a picnic more than once there and enjoyed myself greatly. After picnics, I'll occasionally stroll over to the memorial for some quiet thinking alone. It's a very peaceful place.

            Of course, the weather isn't always so cooperative. I like to use Plymouth Park as a good backup for some nice shade for when the picnic's ready, but the weather just doesn't give the right way. A breeze is always a good complement to a picnic, though, don't get me wrong. I only have a problem when the entire table's napkins go flying off 50 feet away from us in the span of half a second. Then the picnic turns into a mad scurry for the things as they move on further away, just barely settling back into order after several minutes. Great fun, nonetheless!

            A great place to hold a picnic that involves some grilling is the Wannamaker County Park - grills are already in place, just light 'em and cook up some home-style burgers, hotdogs, you name it. Hanging out around its lake is great, too - it's a great backdrop to all the forestry you can see across it. Heck, the park has covered places for rental, too, just in case I really need shade and plans are already set.

            Now, I haven't listed exactly everything there is - nowhere near it! But these are my personal favorites for a good time while having a picnic with friends and family whenever we can. And really, isn't that the point of a good picnic?

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Manilyn Moreno is the Online Catering and Food Manager at BetterCater.  She enjoys writing about her passions which include outdoor activities, cooking and organizing events.

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