Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life is Great

I'm settling in to Charleston.

It's been a bit difficult as you can see..

The day of arrival. 

Happy Feet

My beautiful best friend Kristin came to make the transition less stressful

We went biking over to Acme Cantina on Sullivan's Island.
I need to remember to try their hot wings. They looked tasty.

We made BLT's to save money. Helps to make up for so much gas!

We played with her puppy on the beach.

My hair loves this weather.

OOOOO they have great beers in the grocery store here. Left Hand makes good stuff. This sounds AWESOME. Doppelbock with Lapsang Souchong.

I cooked Tilapia with fresh sugar snap peas, bell peppers, onions, jalapeno, and a miso-soy dressing.
Yummy and cheap lunch!

I also made it in time for the opening day at the Marion Square Farmer's Market. All the vendors are friendly, the prepared foods are wonderful, and the arts and crafts are unique. One of my favorite east coast markets.

When the sky is this blue without a polarizer, you know you're gonna have a good day! 

Street Hero Banh Mi and Vietnamese Tacos. See Below
Cha Lua Banh Mi with pork pate and vietnamese ham. The crispy onions are a fantastic touch! Holy Crap, This was the best banh mi I have had outside of Vietnam.  

Lee Burbage grows and sells Island Thyme Herbs organically!

Fresh Juice from the Juice Joint is exactly what I needed after a class at Bikram Yoga Charleston.

One of the most exciting finds at the farmer's market was Celest Albers Green Grocer stand. Saturday she had gallons and quarts and pints of fresh raw milk, something that is illegal to sell in Maryland. I had never tried raw milk so I was excited to give it a shot. I have been having some lactose intolerance issues and asked Celest if she thought raw milk might be a good option. She informed me that lactase (the enzyme that eats lactose and allows your body to digest milk) occurs naturally in raw milk, but is killed during pasteurization, along with a variety of vitamins. So the thought is that raw milk should be easier to digest than pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk. I had a small glass at breakfast today, and so far I haven't noticed any tummy trouble. The milk is gloriously rich and has a faint grassy flavor because all of the cows are grass not grain fed. I am inexplicably excited to give raw milk a go. I'll update later in the season if it seems to be a solution to my problem. Celest also told me that the flavor of the milk will change throughout the season as the cows begin to eat different seasonal grasses. Currently they are munching rye grass among other tasty treats. 

You'll find everything from spinach to popsicles at the market. M.P fit tons of these goodies in his little King of Pops trolley. I think everyone at the market had one. I tried the Grapefruit Hibiscus, M.P. told me he picks the grapefruits from his grandmother's trees in Jacksonville! The flavor was citrusy and not too sweet. AND it didn't stain my mouth, cool!

I also make a pit stop at the H&L Asian Market on Rivers Ave. Thank god for this market! Charleston is known for great food, but it lacks in the Asian restaurant scene.
I made some tempura udon with fresh local shrimp and stocked up on other Asian staples.