Thursday, January 10, 2013

Road Trip and Radio Silence

Radio silence...

You're probably not still listening out there.

It's ok, I understand.

I haven't had anything to say in a while.

And I've been oh so busy at my new job. Which, I just got laid off from. There were some growing pains and we decided to part ways. Check one off the bucket list?

So, I'm sitting at home for once and remembering how much I miss this. I've been pro-active and applied for every job I would want to do.

I think I'm gonna take a road trip. Get my head in order. Something I actually want to check off my bucket list. Never really done a gods honest road trip. Thinking Greenville, Asheville, Knoxville, Nashville. Cheap eat suggestions are welcome.

I'm remembering that I do still have something to say on this blog. Hopefully I'll get some of you to listen again.

Pho at Mi Xao in Mount Pleasant

I'm finally starting to accept that I'm lactose intolerant. I find that its very difficult to find healthy meals that don't involve cheese. When I am able to find fromage-less recipes they are usually asian, and that often means high sodium. I'm collecting recipes that are low sodium and cheese-less. I'm afraid of going vegan. Please help. Food52 seems to be a giving me a good jump point. I'm sure you will be seeing some recipes about it at some point.

In January I made a resolution to learn how to shoot a gun, go hunting, kill something, dress it, cook it, eat it. I didn't get that far, but thanks to Collin, I know how to shoot and where to get my hunting license. He has been helping me reach my goals, and have incredibly intelligent stupid conversations about gobeldy goop while on foodventures.

I've been cooking a lot. Mostly fast dishes I can prepare, eat, and clean up within 30min. It's usually just me, unless I can get my buddy Jonathan to help me in the kitchen. He owns the Foodie Truck, and went to culinary school, and is a super hero.

Jonathan: Foodie Truck Operator Extraordinaire 
I'm gaining weight. I think it must have been all the stress of the new job. Or maybe its all the awesome food. Or it could be the fabulous drink options all over this fine city. Suffice it to say, I'm trying to fit back in my pants just like all of the other New Years Resolvers.

Ruby's Radish at HUSK. It's my neighborhood bar now, but I'm not gloating. Join me for a drink?

Now if I could only accomplish the hunting goal, I'd be getting somewhere.

I think im off on a road trip until I get an interview. I'll be bringing the camera.

Missing you,

Thanksgiving Dinner: Wilted Local Kale, Duck Breast and Cranberry Lambic Demi-Glace, Apple Walnut Frisee Salad, Buttermilk Sweet Potato Biscuit, Roasted Rood Veggies, Bacon Mac and Cheese, Roasted Cippolini Onions. 

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