Sunday, November 17, 2013

From Santorini to Sicilia

Kevin Kelley of Pop-Up Wine Bar and Patrick Emerson of Communion Wine Club, at High-Wire Distillery

Monthly Wine Bar Pops-Up at High Wire Distillery

Photos and Text by Robin Riebman (for

If you're sick of paying the price to have a taste of wine at one of your favorite restaurants in town, then you're not alone. About 5-weeks ago, Kevin Kelleey launched Pop Up Wine Bar, and began offering places to enjoy exactly that, around the city. Thursday night marked Kelly's first joint event with Beverage Consultant, Patrick Emerson, and his newest venture Communion Wine Club. The Mediterranean theme brought curious oneophiles out of the woodworks to enjoy both common and obscure wines, from Sicily and Greece.

Patrick and Kevin chose High Wire Distillery as a rustic and beautiful venue, allowing bar-goers the option of popping next door to Butcher and Bee with their favorite bottle for a special Mediterranean inspired meal.

At the pop-up, each wine is available as a pour, a glass, or a bottle. Three-ounce pours go for between $3 and $5 and are the best way to get the full experience. Both Patrick and Kevin have a wealth of wine knowledge, and these events become as much about socialization as they are about education. These guys are happy to educate your palate, providing the opportunity to taste a varietal you've never had. Or, if you want to learn the nitty-gritty about the heritage of a grape varietal, or the terroir of a region, they are happy to share. If you have a better idea of what you like, glasses only set you back $8 or $10, and most economical choice is to bring a group of friends and pop a bottle for between $24 and $35.

Patrick Emerson chats with a local restauranteur about the Mediterranean selection

Pop-ups will continue monthly at High Wire Distillery (which, by the way, is also open for a taste of local spirits). Come and socialize while sipping an affordable wine you may not have the chance to try elsewhere.

Kevin Kelley

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