5 Steps to Become a Cryptocurrency Investor

ICO Catalog helps to get profits from investing in crypto. The ratings and articles which are published there give much knowledge devoted to coins. Visit the website to make sure in these words.

Want to earn on cryptocurrency, but don’t know how? Read this article to get a guide to becoming an investor.

Choose tokens with the biggest profits

There are too many names of coins but making a decision is possible. Use services like ICO Catalog which both observes popular crypto and absolutely new. On the website, one will find a rating of coins, ICO calendar, articles and guides for newcomers. You always can invest in Bitcoin or Litecoin, for example, but new tokens also give profits.

Select a wallet for coins

After the question “How to invest in cryptocurrency?” is announced, there’s a need for tools and services which provide security. Choosing the right wallet is an important detail. There are different types of them, but we recommend to transfer money on paper-based options. Also, pay attention to how the wallet is secured and prefer variants with QR codes.

Register on trading platforms

The choice is wide so the main thing for you is the terms and conditions. Read all agreements carefully before making exchanges. Note that you can use several platforms at once.

Buy first coins

Follow the charts and buy tokens for the most profitable prices. Different ratings will help you. Also, read forums and experts’ websites to become an investor in the right moment.

Additional services

Don’t forget to transfer all you get to an offline wallet. Also, don’t ignore mixing services which delete all data about you.

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