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Rap video by Childish Gambino – ”This Is America”

The video on a rap song can be with a powerful and meaningful video – this is proved by an American rapper Childish Gambino. He has released a new video called ”This Is America”, which is filled with social overtones.

Creative ”This Is America” by Childish Gambino

In addition to the memorable pictures and non-standard dance movements, the video contains many hidden comments about contemporary American society and references to high-profile events of recent years. Childish Gambino touched everything that excites Americans in 2018 – from racism and free distribution of weapons to mental health and obsession with social networks. Actor and comedian screenwriter Donald Glover, known on the music scene as Childish Gambino, presented his new video on Saturday Night Live. It became one of the most discussed musical events. But most of all attention is attracted by the satirical meaning of the video. It is vividly showing the problems tormenting American society, paying particular attention to the place in it of black people. At the same time, the song is really great for music lovers. Listen to free music online and feel the energy of new songs.

The contrast between the grim reality in the video and the fact that everyone prefers to pay attention reaches a truly biblical scale. The video was filmed by director Hiro Murai. It begins with a carefree melody, under which Childish Gambino performs a dance with ethnic elements. The seems aggressive, but this is only to point to the biggest problems in America.