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Social Media Technology Trends You Can’t Ignore When Working A Promotional Marketing campaign Irish Tech News

“In the event you ask folks to report on how often they use their good telephones, they could beneath report or they could be lacking info and contemplate themselves average users,” College of Wollongong technology expert Professor Katina Michael said. We’re teaming up with specialists in the field to have a look at the influence of mobile expertise and social media on youngsters and youths, in addition to tips on how to higher help them as they transition through completely different phases of life.

With the latest iPhone X using facial recognition and augmented reality know-how, social media networks are doubtless the first to dive into the pattern. US client expertise adoption specialists Pew Analysis Center released a brand new set of information on US Social Media US on October eighth which reveals the most recent social media traits and the way far it has permeated society.

A standard thread running by way of all definitions of social media is a mixing of know-how and social interaction for the co-creation of value for the business or organization that is using it. Folks obtain useful info, training, information, and different knowledge from electronic and print media. In response to Forrester, a expertise and market analysis company, social networks might develop into more powerful in building brands and relationships than company web sites and customer relationship management systems.

His expertise contains social media marketing strategies; web advertising; net presence design; business analysis; undertaking administration; administration of world cross-matrix teams; techniques engineering and analysis, architecture, prototyping and integration; technology evaluation and evaluation; techniques development; performance evaluation; and management of off-shore growth.

Given that on-line content and site visitors volumes are increasingly interlinked with the pipes over which they are carried, it’s vital to understand the demands that the evolution of social networks will make on underlying information and communication expertise (ICT) infrastructure. Different nations with the biggest social media usage improve includes India, Indonesia and Ghana as expertise is improving and social media becomes easily accessible to more of the population.

They seem to be a generation raised on the web, social media, and digital technology so these items are integral, indispensable components of their lives. One other 2015 Pew report on the position of technology in teen romantic relationships notes that half of teens say they’ve used Fb or different social networking websites to specific romantic interest in someone, and lots of use these websites to display their romantic relationships.

There were big bulletins domestically and all over the world, from the launch of the iPhone X , the growth of voice search expertise , numerous updates to the top platforms like Fb, Instagram, Snap Inc, Twitter, as well as the continued rise of social media as a news (or fake information !) supply, connecting individuals and occasions all over the world.

The Center has requested about the usage of 5 of those platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest) in a number of earlier surveys of technology use. Over time if it makes economic sense for know-how firms to employ more explicitly editorial workers, akin to Fb’s ‘content curators’ who successfully carry out an enhancing operate, then we might see social media companies extra consciously expanding their editorial function.

With the most recent iPhone X using facial recognition and augmented reality expertise, social media networks are seemingly the first to dive into the pattern. US shopper expertise adoption specialists Pew Research Heart launched a new set of information on US Social Media US on October eighth which exhibits the most recent social media trends and how far it has permeated society.

His experience includes social media marketing strategies; web advertising; internet presence design; business analysis; challenge management; administration of world cross-matrix groups; methods engineering and analysis, structure, prototyping and integration; know-how analysis and assessment; techniques improvement; performance evaluation; and administration of off-shore improvement.

In an increasingly interconnected and technological world, people, households and organizations utilize and depend on social media and other digital know-how to find info, communication and entry companies. Social media corporations and different technology firms that management info channels – Apple by way of its App Retailer as an example – have grow to be dominant gamers in world news distribution by accident somewhat than by design and we’re nonetheless grappling with find out how to tackle this new order.

They are a technology raised on the web, social media, and digital know-how so this stuff are integral, indispensable parts of their lives. One other 2015 Pew report on the position of technology in teen romantic relationships notes that half of teens say they’ve used Facebook or different social networking websites to specific romantic interest in somebody, and lots of use these websites to show their romantic relationships.


3 things that you need to know about robotics

In the technology-driven era, when everything is directly or indirectly related to technical evolution, it is quite obvious, that men will make machines their maids. They will use it for accomplishing the most daunting task. And their dream starts its journey in the path of reality with the invention of robot and robotics.


Being an interdisciplinary branch of science and engineering, it includes computer science, electronics engineering, mechanical engineering and many more. The technology termed as robotics deals with the design, operation,and construction of robots and the computer system for controlling the whole thing.


First used by Isaac Asimov, in his science fiction named ‘Liar’, robotics, secures its position in the imagination as well as in the world of science and technology.

Current applications:

Myriad types of robots are designed and developed nowadays. And their current applications include:

  • Military robots
  • Caterpillar plans
  • For performing herding task
  • Used in an increasing rate in manufacturing purposes in the auto industry
  • Hospital robots are used as couriers
  • They are acting as a cook as well a waiter
  • Robot combat are used for sports
  • Domestic robots
  • Agricultural robots
  • Household robots
  • Medical robots
  • Swarm robotics
  • Nanorobots


  • Power source
  • Actuation
  • Sensing
  • Manipulation
  • Locomotion

From the day of its creation to now, the robot has through several stages that made it intelligent to handle any task efficiently. While it is not possible for human being to reach a particular environment, they use the technology to dive deep into the matter and robots have satisfied their creators by providing amazing results. However, it does not mean, men, are able to reach the final stage of the technology. They need to add and alter several things that will adjoin a fresh touch in this field and helps to open possibilities of new inventions.

When this technology will be amalgamated with the interconnectivity of the IIoT’s as well as several other tools, the artificial intelligence will create a new history. The invention is technology has both good as well as evil effects and for this, while investing a new feature for the robot, one needs to keep in mind that it should not be used for any destructive purposes. Otherwise, the objective of creation will remain unsatisfied. Use technology for betterment, for development, for modification,and for construction. Be the creator with your robot.