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Good for the Palate is an open door into my kitchen so make yourself at home. Grab a seat, take a sip, take a bite, devour a whole post and enjoy! 

Here you will find delicious morsels of information, photos, recipes, restaurant reviews and more.

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I am a Maryland-bred transplant to the Southern city of Charleston, South Carolina. Down here everyone is passionate about food and life and I think I fit right in. Every dose of Southern Hospitality comes with a serving of something good to eat.

I love to cook for myself and others. I love to eat and I love to entertain.

I have a degree in Photography. I shoot with a D700. I also have some intermediate culinary training via L'Academie de Cuisine. My paying gigs are varied but all revolve around the food and beverage industry and often involve my creative talents.

I write here on Good for the Palate, and you can also find my restaurant reviews at Eat This! Charleston.


I have loved to eat since I was a very young child.

When I was four my mother found me, emblazoned by the light of the refrigerator, enjoying a stick of butter as a midnight snack. The next night, it was pepperoni. I have always had an appetite for fat and an appreciation of food, anytime and anywhere.

It's strange though, I don't remember learning to cook. I think I would just hang around the kitchen hoping for a scrap of food and my mother would put me to work. I would steal bites and stir pots. My favorite part of sitting down with the family was knowing I ate all the good stuff before the meal even got to the table.

Learning about food encouraged my appetite. We would often go to New York City for dinner. After eating in Little Italy Dad would walk my sister and I around China Town. He loved to show us the Peking Ducks with their mahogany skin, bloated, hanging by their necks from the store fronts; and the flat, slimy, whole fish laying on uncovered beds of ice in the hot city summers. Each visit was a fun chance to learn about food and experience new things to eat. When Food Network hit the air waves in 1993 Mom, Nana, and I would spend our evenings sitting in front of the television watching David Rosengarten make smorrebrod (Scandinavian sandwiches) while digesting dinner. I guess this is where my appetite for culinary education came from.

After a few years of playing at college I ended up in school for Photography. I did enjoy the classwork, but I discovered I mostly loved my part-time job at a gourmet market, learning about cheese and charcuterie. I loved to experiment in the kitchen with Juilia Child. I found myself reading about how to make the perfect crispy potatoes from Jacques Pepin, while tanning on the beach.

In college my half-Korean roommate opened up a whole new world of food, teaching me about bibimbap and Korean BBQ.  I wanted to try new recipes and new flavors.

When my last semester came I had extra time I was expected to fill with credits towards a minor. Instead I got myself into a basic skills class at L'Academie de Cuisine. On my hour long drives to and from class I would listen to American Public Media's The Splendid Table and KCRW's Good Food podcasts, exposing myself to the world of eating and culinary knowledge.

Good for the Palate was created a place for me to catalog my experiences at cooking school, but I was too busy eating, testing and finishing my degree to post much. It morphed into a place for me to share the restaurants I enjoyed, the new recipes I tried and my opinions about food.

When my final semester ended I graduated with a Bachelors of Art in Photography and I immediately found myself a full time job... selling wine. I hardly even attempted to find a Photography job. The food bug had bit me.

I've realized that I always want to be around food. Nowadays, I spend all of my free time immersed in the culture of food. Good for the Palate is where I organize my thoughts. It has become an excuse for me to learn and an opportunity for me to connect with others who share my passion.