Staleks manicure tools in Nailmastershop

A good manicure asks for using high-quality products and tools. So if you’re interested in making a progress in nail design, you should pay attention to manicure tools by Staleks. This brand is on the Nailmastershop website. Let’s analyze the prices, shipping and guarantees they give.

How much Staleks costs

Nailmastershop offers nippers, scissors, scoops and drill bits. Some products are divided into “Classic” and “Smart” series. This fact doesn’t change anything at all, the prices are still reasonable. For example, nippers cost $11 or $13, the scissors are for $7 and scoops cost $2.

You can pay even less if you make a lot of orders. There’s a special system of discount according to which buyers get from 10% to 25% discounts depending on the total sum of money spent. For instance, you’ll get 20% off if the total amount is $1200.

If you like and share the website on Facebook, there’ll be a 10% discount too.

Shipping details

The one who wants to order Staleks should probably do it on because the shipping is worldwide, it costs not much (for a small purchase it’s $10) and everything will be delivered quickly. The time is written in a special section and the speed of shipping is approved by reviews.


Don’t be afraid of ordering Staleks here because you can return the products in 14 days after receiving the purchase. Nailmastershop also gives a year warranty on all goods so your rights are protected. Uv gel Kodi professional.

Nail artists and those who made manicure at home will find all necessary things in this shop, don’t forget that there’re also such brands as F.O.X., Kodi professional and Gelliant.